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Irish artist Mike Blxck recently released a new EP ‘ Blxck Irish ‘. The EP reflects on the hard times that he has been through, deep emotional lyrics and how the loss of a great friend helped inspire him. As usual here at STACKD, we like to dig deep and find out the process the artist went through and the meaning behind the EP. Check out what mike had to say below…

Basically these songs were written over the last 4 years but never recorded or released , Lil D is based on a true story about someone I knew who took his own life because he was getting bullied at school but I felt hopeless when I found out because if I knew I felt I could have maybe helped somehow and he would still be alive , so basically in the song I’m celebrating him and telling him I’m going to make him proud

Rewind is me reflecting on hardship and struggle after 10 years on the underground underrated by the scene and telling them I’m ready to shine the torch on Ireland but at the same time I talk about someone who never believed in me so it’s a contrast of both sides but the ultimate goal is to make the city proud

Star of the show is a vivid story about a relationship between a boy and a girl n how they both struggle to maintain their bond as things get in the way , there’s no definitive hooks , the story just keeps flowing and addictive