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We caught up with Irish R’n’B artist Graciano Major after his latest club banger featuring the well known rapper Huva. And we can officially certify this as a hit, there’s no doubt this tune will be playing on your favourite radio station soon. Here’s what the Rnb singer had to say bout the new track

”The song is about when you see a girl in the club and you both fancy each other and sometimes the female eyes says it all, so it’s basically just about me and you leaving the club at 4 o’clock in the morning and you just looking to have fun ….

When me and Hoover came together we’re not planning to record anything specifically we just came together organically I already had the hook prepared so when you came over to the studio he just lay down his first in like 20 minutes and we had the song already made I had the song already recorded 2 months before the release date we’re just waiting for the right time for the release date ”