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We caught up with HAII, the 18 year old Irish artist from a small town called Kinlough in Leitrim for our meaning the behind the song after his latest release ‘WINE’ featuring Why- Axis.

Meaning behind the song:

‘ As many know this is my first ever single and originally when I linked up with why-axis, I had intended to make an R&B track at the time. Instead we took a different direction. For the beat itself, why-axis got inspiration from the song “Netflix & Dusse by Smino” and I really liked what he had cooking up. He used this Caribbean like sound, which was very why-axis, and it just sounded really unique. It’s definitely one of those songs that would just make you want to get up and dance!

As for the lyrics, the song sort of wrote itself. What I mean by that is when I first heard the beat, the theme of the song came to me, then the vibe, then the words & eventually the flow. The hook part of the song, which seems to be everyone’s favourite part, is me reminiscing about a past girl I was seeing and how drinking a glass of wine that night would’ve started this thing we both had going for a while. Funny thing is, I don’t even like wine.’