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Tuesdays only mean one thing here at STACKD! We get to bring you our Artist of the week. Our Artist of the week goes to Marcus Woods.

Marcus Woods is a 17-year-old Music producer from Clondalkin who specialises in Lo-Fi Hip-hop. After half a year of consistently releasing music, evolving as a producer and joining District Recordings, Marcus is set to continue his rise to prominence in Ireland and beyond with the latest release of his ‘Polychrome’ mixtape.

Check out the full interview with Marcus below

STACKD- How long have you been making beats for and who or what inspired you to start making beats in the first place?

MARCUS WOODS- I’ve been making beats for just over a year now, since October 2016. I took part in the Irish youth music awards and had a close encounter with veteran producer Adam Fogarty(MathMan). He talked to me about production and making beats and I had been messing around with fl studio 3 days prior, i showed him 2 beats i made and he pretty much took me under his wing and pushed me to take production seriously, which I’m extremely grateful for to have him on my side.

STACKD- You usually stick to a Lo-Fi sound, what is it about this sound that you like so much?

M.WOODS- Lo-Fi is pretty much my commercial sound. it’s a genre I’ve loved for a long time, Joji was a huge influence on getting me started with lofi, tracks like “thom” and “you suck Charlie” were ones that inspired me to make my own lofi sound. it’s the dusty, vintage feel that I love about lofi so much, everybody has their own way of flipping it, to melancholy jazz samples to wavy vintage synths, Lo-Fi is dynamic and every producer has something different to bring to the table

STACKD- Your newest mixtape “Polychrome” drops tomorrow. Why did you choose this name and does it have any significant meaning in relation to the mixtape?

M.WOODS- when I was making the tape, i wanted to make something that was nostalgic and wavy, ambient even but didn’t want to stick to the jazz samples, i wanted to branch out and experiment. I felt as i listened to the tape, each track had it’s different mood and colour, hence leading to the title “polychrome”, which basically means “many colours”. I want the listeners to see the colours of the music as well as hear the sound.

STACKD- You recently joined District Recordings alongside the likes of Mythill Grim, Leo Miyagee and more. Should we expect to hear these artists over some of your production in the future?

M.WOODS- Joining district recordings is amazing ! to have the opportunity to work with the artists on the label is a blessing. You should definitely expect me producing some tracks for mythill grim, fynch and leo miyagee in the coming weeks and months.

STACKD- Who are your main inspirations when it comes to making music?

M.WOODS- Some of my inspirations would have to include the likes of Lo-Fi producers such as nxbody, peter bark, sleepdealer, tides, blvk, .. but also doc Mckinney, who produced a lot of the weeknds old music, which are some of the best produced tracks I’ve ever heard of that dark, ambient vibe.

STACKD- You’ve recently started DJ’ing at live events, do you have any more gigs lined up before or shortly after the new year?

M.WOODS- I just supported cities Aviv with mythill grim last Friday which was great! I’m playing this Saturday with mythill grim supporting essaie pas, the 5th of December with mythill grim supporting Freddie Gibbs, and the 9th of December with fynch supporting 5th element & double-screen ! there’s more being planned for the future but i don’t want to give to much away!

STACKD- The boom of Hip-Hop music in Ireland can’t go unspoken without mentioning the producers who are helping make it as big as it is. Who are some Irish Producers that you believe could make a big impact on the scene in the next year?

M.WOODS- The production scene in Ireland is incredible with guys like MathMan, g.i, bitter rocc, wastefellow, sivv… but nxbody and whspr; these 2 guys are some of the best producers out, and on a larger scale than Ireland, just watch their space is all I’m saying…

STACKD- After Polychrome is released, do you have any goals or plans set out for 2018?

M.WOODS- Right now I’m working on a brand new tape and some other pieces… i plan to be able to work with more artists, which hopefully goes well! 100% expect new music on the top of 2018…

Link to Polychrome. Listen to the full album

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