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Daryl Bengo, Celbridge local has been far from quite collaborating with Hare Squead’s Lilo Blues “Get Over ”, Jafaris “Betting On You” and Kev Knight on “Too Selfish” along with a host of other well-known producers, rappers, beat makers and musicians.

The Daryl Bengo we see today is not the same guy we saw from Fresh Ré that stood in the background playing the keyboard. Daryl Bengo has evolved to be the Rapper we see today that is multi-talented with the ability to Produce, Songwriting, make beats, and play a large selection of instruments.

He is set to drop his Mixtape “For Vibe Sake” on SoundCloud on the 21st November which is promised to be filled with bangers and brings out a different side to Daryl Bengo never seen before. The song “Too Selfish” which features Kev Knight is only a taste of what is to be expected from “For Vibes Sake” mixtape, along with catchy lyrics and melodies that will stick in your head.

“I did For Vibe Sake just because I love the current culture and the vibe it brings. I spent this whole year just doing things that made me feel good because it felt like it was an experience worth having and end up doing it just for the sake of the vibe”. Daryl Bengo is truly committed to putting his stamp on the Music Scene and plans to do it in a big way.

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