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We caught up with Matthew Nolan 18-year-old singer from Drogheda, Ireland after his latest album release ‘ Amour ‘ and as usual here at STACKD we like to go in depth with the artist. The Drogheda native talks to us about the process behind making the album, meaning behind … and his love for music. check out what Matthew had to say below.

‘ So the project started off as just a collection of songs more than an actual album with a meaning, but then as I went on I realised the recurring theme was love, the same story and that’s where I got the name ‘amour’ meaning love in French, It was recorded in my bedroom and the range of style is huge from trap beats to acoustic ballads, It means a lot to me because it is my first piece of work that isn’t a single, and everyone who was involved was a friend (Fionn Obrien the main producer) so I didn’t spend a cent in making the album , that’s what I love most about it it’s just me doing what I love for the love of it, not the profit or anything else Matthew Nolan.’

The process of writing the songs was just what I always do sitting down in my bedroom and getting one line sung out in my head, then putting chords to it and then finishing the song around that one line.

Listen to the full album – https://open.spotify.com/album/1wNpOVIgGz7R6T8exCFLjk?si=Xj0YADgO