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You cant talk about Irish Rap and not mention what the guys of Flowstate Movement are doing for the culture and in Particular Lawriii Craic.

Coming from a huge success of his first single ‘Patients’ which shook the scene, it was always going to be hard to follow that up.

But after listening to the new 24/20 EP that the Irish rapper dropped last night. Its safe to say Irish rap is in safe hands! we caught up with the Bray native and had a chat about the process behind the new album, here’s what he had to say!

The process was slightly personal, the first track I wrote off the album was Lawriii Facts and that was back in February I think. This whole project was originally based on energy and how it co-exists with us. Now, I feel like it has got its own energy and I want people to vibe off that whenever they need to.

The album is 31 mins long, it’s the ideal time to take a breather and I Think that’s the main purpose of this piiiece of work, to give people a moment in their day so when they can go off and enjoy a 24:20. It’s been beneficial for me so I hope it can help others the same. This is all for the people, not me. If it’s something that can lift people even in the slightest! well, then it’s happy days.

We also managed to get the thoughts of the main man responsible for the recording, Mixing and Mastering the Album, Sean Tobin from Medulla Prodcutions and here’s what he had to say,

I believe none of it is forced… it’s all natural. We have planted a seed and just fed constant energy into it… 24/20 is what blossomed. Constant changes were made to the album, even changed how it was mixed so many times, but it all ended up right in the end. There is no absolute meaning or description for the album. I like to say, 24/20 Is the vision… but it’s up to everyone to see it themselves. It’s up to the listeners to describe!’