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Here at STACKD, we like to go in-depth with the artist after their latest release. This week we caught up with UPPBEAT, one of the artists making waves for Flowstate movement right now. UPPBEAT recently released his new track ‘ Bubbling ‘ featuring American sony artist Gio Martin. Here’s the MEANING BEHIND THE SONG and how the collaboration came about!

In June of 2016, I flew out to New York as I was chosen to take part in Teambackpacks Annual event Mission Underground where I got to take to the same stage that Ghostface Killah, Twista and Joel Ortiz performed on later that day which was kind of a crazy experience! Gio Martin was at this event and it is where we first got to link up outside of the internet world, He showed me around New York brought me to one of his shows and since then he has kinda lowkey mentored me you could say. I wrote the song Bubbling when I got back to Ireland and I have actually been sitting on the song for over a year but this year I met Kreo Ghost and we have been working together a lot and he basically reshaped Bubbling to what it is now. Then I felt that Gio Martin was just the right person to feature on it. I have wanted to work with him for years now and he’s also popping in the US so it’s a mad buzz altogether to say I have a song with him.

“What does Bubbling mean?”

” Bubbling is a vibe. It’s that feeling before something big is about to happen. You know that kinda excited buzz you are on before you go out? That’s what the song is. But it is bigger than that too because I feel Ireland is Bubbling right now. I think we are on the brink of something very special”.