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To celebrate diversity in the music scene, we’re going to concentrate on the music-making ladies today. Here are the STACKD Top 10 Irish Female Musicians to Keep an Eye On.


From Coolock, Unniquesoul has captured the 90s R&B with her performance prowess. Old-school, but with a contemporary twist, it’s easy listening and chill. She’s played a lot of clubs in Ireland, now we’re just waiting and excited for a single to be released.



NC Grey has a rich, powerful voice. You can check out her covers of Hello and Say Something on youtube if you want to be impressed. But her single Smoke and Glass is where you truly see her shine, an original song with a jazzy and upbeat cadence, she’s showing her chops as a songwriter. At places it sounds like a Bond song, its meaning is misleading just like this song, classy and bouncy, is hiding a darker truth about how we hide behind surface things and nobody is the wiser or cares to see behind the smoke and mirrors.



Scottish Nina Nesbitt is energetic and wonderfully poppy. Her fans call themselves Nesbians, which I think is pretty hilarious. Her new single The Best You Had has gotten over 2 million plays on Spotify. She’s come a long way since her first album Peroxide, her lyrics holding more weight, less overproduction, more understanding of life and love. All of us have wondered if we’re the best an ex has had and the song and video sum it up pretty nicely.


Kate Grime’s voice has a tone and resonance like Birdy’s. The guitar riff and piano are reminiscent of the hypnotic power of Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game. Imagine that but with a voice as powerful and beautiful of Birdy’s and a jazzy sax and bongo drums and you’ll see why the creative Kate Grimes has the potential to go far.


Irish electropop artist has over 200k Spotify streams on her chill, brooding single You. She sounds a little like Ellie Goulding with more vocal range and a backdrop of soulful electronic. Her electronic cover of Come as You Are brought in fans and show she’s found a strong footing in the electropop genre for a while now. She’s found her voice, her style, and now all that’s left is for her to be discovered in a bigger way with more commercial success.


Irish-Libyan Farah Elle has gained popularity through her eclectic, unique style and voice. She mixes R&B pop and influences from her background in Libya, you can hear it in her voice, in her piano, she also mixes English with Arabic in her punchy single Rajeen. Currently working on her debut in her hometown. We can’t wait to see what it’s like and the buzz it brings.


Ainé Cahill is a pop singer-writer from Cavan. After seeing her performance on the Ray D’Arcy show, my first impression was she’s like Lana Del Rey and Helena Bonham Carter had love child. Her EP Paper Crown has neo-noire quality. Her single Plastic is addictive. It’s not a matter of why she isn’t on radios everywhere but a matter of when.


The heart of artistic soul lives in Irish-Sierra Leonean Loah with her mesmerising, striking voice and performance prowess. While being arty with strong but cerebral songwriting, her music remains accessible. Her single The Bailey mixes jazz and classical, showing her background in being classically trained as a violinist. It’ll be no surprise to learn she co-wrote Hozier’s Someone New, winning a BMI songwriting award.


Dublin raised Bonzai is pure experimental goodness. Her lane is ambiguity, she lives in many so styles it’s hard not to be impressed that someone so young can find so much comfort in so many places. Versatile, energetic electronic hip-hop with incredible verse and a beautiful voice. This talented girl needs more love.


Polished, controlled, soulful voice. A hard balance to hit, this aptly named singer/songwriter has a growing reputation and you’ll see why Ireland’s music world is going gaga for her if you listen to her her single Good Life. It’s a banger with 90s influences, contemporary R&B at its best. Love No More has the same vibe flitting seamlessly between electronic and soulful R&B. It’s exciting to see what else Soulé will come out with next.