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STACKD: There are plenty of bands here in Ireland but there are none quite like Loud Motive. What initially brought you all together in the first place to create the music you create?

LOUD MOTIVE: We pretty much knew most of each other just through growing up in Dublin. Initially, Marvell was performing as a solo artist (DVO Marvell) for a festival and was looking to work with a key player and guitar player having already had Daniel(Bass guitar) & Paddy(drummer) on board. Through Paddy, he was introduced to Dapson and Kevin. We played a crazy set at HWCH15 and when we got back to the rehearsal room we realized the potential we have as a group and the powerful music we created just because of our different strengths. We had a vision. The timing was just right and the rest was history.

STACKD: Hip-Hop groups are starting to become increasingly popular in the mainstream today. A great example of this currently would be Brockhampton. Do you believe that Irish Hip-Hop groups like yourselves could reach the level of relevance that a group like Brockhampton has at the moment?

L.M: Yeah of course. I think if you want it bad enough you just gotta put in the work, let it manifest itself and anything is possible. I think we can get even higher. Our music is unique, it’s not from here.

STACKD: Hip-Hop is mostly based on individuality and creativity. Who or what are some of the major influences when it comes to you guys creating music?

L.M: When it comes to us making music almost anything can inspire us. People like Kanye West, Kendrick, Drake, Chance the rapper are definitely major influences definitely today
Artists like J.Cole, Lauryn Hill, Snarky Puppy are just some names there’s so many sometimes we can go for days.

STACKD: What are your views on the current hip-hop climate in Ireland and do you think that it is in a healthy zone for most artists?

Yeah, it’s in a promising place right now and it’s only gonna keep getting better and better. A lot more different people are starting to release more music and showcase their talents and that’s just gonna help the hip-hop community here grow. Today the scene feels a lot more active than before. There are more opportunities and platforms for you to showcase yourself and express your message. We think artists, producers, and all music makers should continue to work together to help the scene continue to build and grow.

STACKD: For those who may have not already heard your music, how would you describe the music you make?

L.M: Man its good energy. It’s an inner-outer experience. Changes in melody, vibes, the change of flow in our music and just all of our different music backgrounds bring out something different. Brings out our diversity. When you go to a Loud Motive show you go to get blessed.

STACKD: Any dream collaborations that you would like to be involved in?

L.M: Working with Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, Snarky Puppy, Anderson Paak would definitely be dream collaborations.

STACKD: When can we expect to hear new releases from yourselves and do you know when we can catch you live again?

L.M: We currently working on new music at the moment and hope to release another single late Autumn/early Winter. We’re also working on a project we’re really excited about and looking to drop it in 2018. Hopefully the next few months we’ll announce a headline show, a few things are in the works at the moment fingers crossed time is on our side and everything goes according to plan, we’ll definitely keep you posted.

STACKD. Do you believe that there are any changes that some artists in Ireland need to make to create a name or brand for themselves?

L.M: Yeah just be unique, be yourself, be consistent and learn how to market yourself. Make good music and stand out. Be the Loudest.