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We had a little chat with Irish artist ROGAN. The rapper recently released an Ep titled Arrogant. Full interview below

STACKD: You released your first ever Hip-Hop/Rap record only recently accompanied by a music video. What inspired you to become a Hip-Hop artist?

ROGAN: What inspired me to become a hip-hop artist was when my best friend, Tommy-G, was writing his debut mixtape and showing me the songs. I thought he done it so easily and perfect that I just thought, “Hey, I could do this too”. So Tommy was basically the reason I started rapping.

S: With trap inspired, 808-driven songs mostly populating mainstream Hip-Hop right now, your sound on this EP is much far left to this trend. Who or what inspired you to take this direction with your debut EP?

R: I sat in a room almost every day from March until July just working with WHSPR, who produced the whole EP. We had some harder tracks that were 808 driven originally but I felt sticking to the boom bap sound was important for my first time around because I wanted to just prove that I can rap. I don’t have a particular style and neither does WHSPR and that will be showcased soon!

S: Do you feel that your EP will connect as well and have as much replay value with the public audience as an EP with a more trap-inspired sound in 2017?

R: I can only hope and wait to find out! Of course, I would love for everyone to listen to the EP constantly but I have to let the people decide!


S: You had your first real experience with performing live in August at The Sugar Club. How did it feel on stage and did it go as well as you would have planned?

R: A few mistakes were made on my behalf that nobody noticed but I’m still learning! Being on that stage with my best friend as my DJ is quite a surreal experience and it was unbelievably humbling to even be picked to perform when all I had to offer was demos! It’s really something I’ll never forget so shoutout Mathman for booking me!

S: Who or what are your biggest musical inspirations when it comes to the writing process of your music?

R: Aesop Rock for bars, MF Doom for embracing my funny side, Earl Sweatshirt for embracing my darker side, J Cole taught me how to write a hook and Joey Purp for being cocky in raps! I listen to these rappers religiously and although I listen to many other rappers with different styles, the five mentioned keep me original.

S: Who are some notable Irish Hip-Hop acts that you are interested in musically?

R: I want to work with a lot of Irish artists but I think I’ll just keep it short and say the two I want to work with the most are, Jafaris & Ill Diam, those guys continue to make great music and I can only hope to work with them sooner rather than later! There’s still a lot of great Irish artists that do so much for where Irish hip-hop and the Irish music scene so it’s difficult to name them all!

S: Do you have any dream collaborations that you would like to be a part of? And if so, who?

R: Frank Ocean, Kanye West and Aesop Rock!

S: After the EP is released, what’s next for Rogan?

R: Keep working on music and releasing it for the people to hear! I still definitely want to work with a lot of Irish artists within the next few months and I have one or two upcoming gigs too! Small steps but I’ll get there!

S: How would you describe your sound for any first-time listeners?

R: Unorthodox new age boom bap. It has a 90s feel to it because of the samples but the drums and the rapping are new, it’s a nice mix of styles!

Listen to Full Ep here

Ep produced by WHSPR